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Hello, from your neurotic friend
Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Today was good day. All the feel of of Monday, without all the Monday-esque things going on. Today was the first day that we've taken the kids out, let them get as dirty as they wanted, then washed them down with soap and water. With a hose. I got to be the lucky one who washed them. Talk about fun! Almost all of them screamed and wiggled and tried to get loose, but I had a iron grip on them with my legs wrapped around them. The water felt good but they still don't like water being poured over their heads. It was so fun. I'm sadistic that way.

I took five little naked baby dolls home to dress so they could go to Nepal with a couple from church. I got them home and realized that I couldn't find any of the baby doll clothes I thought I had. So, I thought I'd buy some baby doll clothes to put on them. I had to have them by today so after work I went to, where else? Wal-Mart. Guess what? Wal-Mart doesn't carry doll clothes smaller than 12". The baby dolls I had were 7". They did, however, sell 7" baby dolls. They came in a pack of three dolls, and a bunch of paraphernalia that all baby dolls need. For $4.96. So, I bought two of those three packs. I took the baby dolls out of the packages and found out that they were those cheap plastic dolls that get bent real easy and won't pop back into place. The baby dolls I had were the kind that were cloth bodies with plastic heads, arms and legs. I got out in the car and started undressing the cheap dolls and putting their clothes on the cloth dolls. I finally got them all dressed and taken to Rhonda's house to be packed away and sent to Nepal. I didn't tell her what a pain it was. Who knew I wouldn't be able to find 7" doll clothes. Next time I'm in the dollar store I'll probably find all kinds of 7" doll clothes.

Of course, now I have my back seat full of naked plastic dolls.

Posted by methinksgreen at 6:58 PM CDT
Monday, May 30, 2005
A chat with my sis
Okay, who else can you talk about your own mother about like this? Not to mention your grandmother!

Roni: well I have to take g-ma to town tomorrow
Roni: looking forward to that
methinksgreen: it'll be nice later in the day, tho because i'll be the first one to get to go home when the "second shift" comes in
Roni: yeah, what about 3?
methinksgreen: EWWW...that's even worse!
Roni: yeah, then mom will come and be grouchy and rude w/g-ma and make the day that much longer
methinksgreen: it's like springer
Roni: lol, "adults that want to knock their grandmothers in the head with a big stick"
Roni: the name of that episode
methinksgreen: LMAO
methinksgreen: "then tell their mothers where they can shove said big stick"
Roni: LMAO
methinksgreen: she got mad at me saturday and started griping at me and i didn't let her get away with it...*pats self on the back*
methinksgreen: back when we got our new fridge, how long has THAT been? a month, 5 weeks?
methinksgreen: one of her customers said she wanted our old fridge. fine, i didn't care, but she had to come pick it up because we weren't going to mess with it any further than the back yard
methinksgreen: mom told me to call her up and so i did
methinksgreen: she said...(verbatim here) we'll be there this week to pick it up
methinksgreen: she never showed
methinksgreen: another week went by and then another, then another
methinksgreen: i was reeeeally getting sick of seeing this old fridge in the back yard
methinksgreen: yet another object for the weeds to grow around
methinksgreen: mike mentioned it to his mom one day, asking her if she knew anyone who wanted it. actually he asked her first and she said she didn't really need a new fridge, just an ice maker, but she'd ask around
methinksgreen: he told her the same terms, they have to come pick it up
methinksgreen: about two weeks after that, mike's grandma comes over with her brother in law and they haul the thing off to give to her church who didn't have one and needed one
methinksgreen: never thought of it again
methinksgreen: enter mom being pissed off at me
methinksgreen: her customer comes to her and tells her to tell me that they will be at our house the next day for the fridge. and mom had to tell her that it was given away to someone else
methinksgreen: it seems the whole entire time (i'm thinking it might have been longer than 5 weeks)
methinksgreen: this lady kept in touch with mom about it saying that she still wanted it and that as soon as she could find someone to go get it for her, she would be out to get it
methinksgreen: well, our darling mother never relayed this vital piece of info to me
methinksgreen: i hadn't heard a single word from her since she said she would "be there this week" 5 weeks or so ago
Roni: sounds like mom should be pissed at herself
methinksgreen: mom was griping at me at the hog fry telling me that i should have done this, should have done that
methinksgreen: and i turned around and put my back to her and as i was walking off i turned my head back to her and said...yeah, i should have done a lot of things, like YOU should have told me she still wanted it. how was I to know?
methinksgreen: then i walked off and was so proud of myself for actually getting the last word in!
Roni: I'm sure I'll hear all about it tomorrow
methinksgreen: lol
methinksgreen: i didn't feel i was in the wrong. i think most people would have done the same thing i did. only most wouldn't have waited so long to get rid of the stupid thing
Roni: yep
Roni: I agree
Roni: since they are such procrastinators, they assume everyone is
methinksgreen: i didn't even tell mike about it. what he doesn't need is another thing to bitch about concerning mom
methinksgreen: i can bitch and you can bitch and brub can bitch and even daddy can bitch...but mike, he can't bitch. makes me bitch at him

Posted by methinksgreen at 10:07 PM CDT

Hoo-boy, what a fun day. Got some laundry done even. We went down below the dam, in Disney, to watch some rock climbers. Well, just like last year, when Mike took me, there was NOTHING going on. Oh, well, we still drove around and got out and walked all around, climbed all over some big rocks like a small pack of goats. The three of us nosed around and waded in ice cold water until our toes were numb. Family fun. Shael and I wanted to swim some so Mike took us up to the top of the hill on the other side of the dam to swim there at the beach. The place was crawling with people. 98% of whom were Mexican. Listening to their accordion/bass music and yelling to each other in a language that I don't understand, although, I should since it's spoken so frequently around this area. Mike is still not released to swim, because of his shoulder, so he sat up on shore while Shael and I plodded off to go swim to our hearts content. Well, that took a whole two minutes. The water was about as warm as the water below the dam. Remember the toe numbing? Geez, it took my breath away. And all those Mexicans were splashing around all over the place, playing and laughing like the water they were immersed in was not ice cold. We got out promptly and got dressed again. The funny thing was, we left Mike sitting in a lawn chair next to an empty picnic table. A few minutes later when we walked back up to him, there was about 50 Mexicans crowded around him with the grill blazing and beers opened and freshly blown up child floaties resting on the Suburban. HA! He was completely surrounded! Shael and I got our clean dry clothes and went up to the bathroom, we changed and then we all left. I bet we were there all of 20 minutes, from changing into our swim suits, swimming, walking back up to the bathroom, changing again (and Shael walking back by herself because I'd left my dry shorts in the Suburban) into our dry clothes to driving out of the park. 20 minutes. LOL.

After all that, an ice cream sounded good, so we stopped at that little ice cream joint there in Disney, you know that place with the smoked meats that always smells divine when you drive by. We sat outside in their little patio area and ate our banana splits and Shael her hot fudge sundae. It hit the spot, I hadn't eaten a banana split in years. About half way into them, Mike tells me that his is a girl. A female banana split. I looked at him funny and he nuts! They forgot to put nuts on his. I guess mine was male.

I have to be at work by 7:00 in the morning. Oy. Maybe I'll be off early, though. Then I get off Wednesday. That means low check next week, but oh, well!

The temp is starting to rise in here. I'm going to get outa here, go turn the attic fan on. How does one turn an attic fan on, anyway? Talk dirty to it? Flash my tits to it? Hmmm...maybe I'll just turn the little knob to the right.

Posted by methinksgreen at 7:14 PM CDT
Child's Play
Someone donated two big boxes full of toys to the day care the other day. Ginger and Gloria went through them and took out all the guns and knives that aren't allowed at Jack & Jill's. Also in one of those boxes was a My Buddy doll. You do realize what those dolls look like, right? Think Good Guys Dolls and Chucky. Yep, that thing is one creepy ass doll. The kids all like it and don't think a thing about it, but all us adults go "Eiwww! Chucky!" and put it out of their sight. I can totally see that doll getting up in the middle of the night, turning on the lights and running around the place, playing with all the toys, getting out the play-doh and stuff like that. Then getting it all straightened back up before 6:30 when someone gets there in the morning. I was arranging him in all sorts of poses the other day. He was sitting on one of the little cars that the 1 & 2 year olds play on. He was on the slide with his hands up in the air. He rocked a while on the rocky horse. LOL, it was funny. Ashley took a picture of me holding him with her camera phone. Every time I would do something different with him she would say "Stacie, quit! That thing is giving me the creeps!" I'd reply with "What, little ole CHUCKY!?" and I'd wave him in her face and she'd squeal. Ahh, good times.

Posted by methinksgreen at 8:44 AM CDT
Updated: Monday, May 30, 2005 7:26 PM CDT
Sunday, May 29, 2005

You Were Actually Born Under:
No worries, you're not really pig-like in your personality.
(Though you have been known to have a healthy appetite!)
You are highly intelligent - forever studying and gaining knowledge.
You have a heart of gold and you are appreciated by many.

You are most compatible with a Rabbit or Goat.
You Should Have Been Born Under:

You are totally loyal, faithful, and honest.
However, you don't trust others to be as ethical as you are!
Straight forward and direct, you really aren't one for small talk.
You are a great listener - and an agreeable companion when you're in a good mood!

You are most compatible with a Tiger or Horse.

Posted by methinksgreen at 3:21 PM CDT
Saturday, May 28, 2005

As of right now, I am writing this the old fashioned way. With pencil and paper. There was a big mix up with my credit card and now I don't have Internet access. It goes like credit card switched from Bank One to Chase. I have a vague memory of a letter stating that. For several months we didn't get a statement. We mentioned that it was odd and wondered why and how was our Internet being paid? It was suppose to be charged each month. I found out today. Let me back up a couple days. Thursday night we finally called Visa and found out there was a balance of $130 or so. We paid it by phone. Mike had used the card once and there were several months of ISP charges. Friday night - no Internet. It said that our credit card info had changed. Huh? We paid off the balance! Well, today I went to the mailbox instead of Mike. In it I found one of those credit card junk mail things that always gets thrown away. We get two or three a day. We also got a letter from Chase that said "statement enclosed" on the front. I thought "hm...we don't have a Chase card. I wonder if Mike got one without me knowing. Nope it's in my name. I WONDER IF IT'S OUR CREDIT CARD BILL?" Sure enough. All those months we've been throwing away our statements because we thought they were junk mail from Chase. Oops, my bad. But, the account is frozen and I'm not sure when they'll let us use it again. I was going to use my debit card so I could ge on line this afternoon but remembered that I'd forgotten it at work again. Poop. So, here I am, sitting at the kitchen table writing on Shael's's left over wide rule loose leaf paper.

Yesterday was definitely a weird day. No Valerie but they had four people scheduled to work in the pen. And there were only 11 kids! One of us had to go to the floor and one of us had to go to the baby room. I chose the baby room. More kids eventually trickled in so the person on the floor had to go back to the pen. I was only suppose to be in the baby room for like an hour tops. I was in there ALL day. I'm talking all day. By 3:00 I was volunteering to wash dishes to get out of there. If I were in the baby room every day, it wouldn't be bad. But, there were 9 little babies, complete with 9 different schedules. And working with women I normally just visit with on my way through to the bathroom, all new dramas to hear about all day. I must have this sign hanging around my neck that I can't see that says "Tell me your life story". People just tell me things that make me wonder if they ever think to themselves "Now why did I tell her that?" I hope it means I'm a good listener and not some nosey person who has to know it all.

Today, at 9:11 a.m. I was awakened by the phone ringing. It was Mom calling to tell me that there was another hog fry at the stomp grounds. At 1:00 or whenever they get around to it. We all run on Indian Time around here, and if you don't know what that is, well, it's hard to explain. It's a mixture of procrastination and fashionably late. It's more like an attitude, a state of being. People get to talking and start whenever they feel like it. I'm talking hours, people. If something "starts" at 1:00, show up at 1:30 and you are still almost an hour early. A laid back, let's-not-get-in-too-much-of-a-rush type atmosphere. Honestly, it's not something that goes well in the white world. I find myself showing up for church late and thinking "I've GOT to not do that! These people run on real time around here!"

Th hog fry was another get together for all those in the LeRoy Howard for Chief camp. Those of you who don't personally know me, I have a HUGE family. Even if only my family would have been there, there would be 100+ people there. If you walk into any Wal-Mart in north eastern Oklahoma, chances are you are shopping with a member of my family. One of my aunts is married to a man who is an only child. She says he still doesn't get all the family interaction. She can only drag him to one family event a year.

Quick story about my darling husband at one of those family events. Mike is about as white as can be. I think he might have a great-great-great grandmother that was Cherokee. But, anyway, Mike and I had been dating about a year when my Grandma (who was full blood) died. The custom is someone has to stay up with the body (in the home) for three days. 24 hours a day. Then the funeral. 10 days later, a supper. People bring food, they place it around a fire outside. The food is brought in and women serve it to each person there. You aren't suppose to refuse any food, but I've noticed the past couple of years, they are slacking and some people have said "no thanks" on certain foods they don't like. Thank God - I hate cabbage. Mike and I were at the 10 day supper, he walks in, somehow finds a plate and starts shoveling food on it. I was talking to someone and when I turned around and saw him I was mortified! Of course, now it's turned into one of those stories that gets told at reunions and we all get a good laugh.

The food at those hog fries - YUM! The meat is cut into bite size chunks then fried in old fashioned lard. You know the kind. In the green and white containers that you see at the store and think "Who still cooks with that stuff?" Potatoes are then cooked in the same oil so they are the best tasting fried potatoes on earth. It's no wonder Indians have such a high amount of heart disease, obesity and diabetes in our demographic.

Mike is off playing in his 4X4 beater truck today. I only hope he doesn't tear anything up. On his truck or his body. Going down our bumpy driveway too fast makes his shoulder hurt, how the heck is he doing it today? I'll try my hardest to be sympathetic when he comes home hurting. It'll be hard, seeing how I wanted to go and he said no. It was a boys day. That totally sucks. When I go out with the girls, it's never doing stuff he would like. The least Mike could do is do something I hate doing. Like he originally planned, going to the races. But, no! He opts to do something I think is fun, cool and exciting. He took my camera so maybe I'll see some good pics. Hope he doesn't tear it up by letting it fly out of the truck while trying a rock he has no business climbing.

I could SO let my imagination run wild on me. Especially since he's with fagot-face. I do hope Mike realizes that the Island is not really on the way home (even though technically, it could be) and he has no reason to go into The Office. The Office = naked women taking your drink orders and prancing around like they were Eve in the garden of Eden. Mike and I have gone over this before. The only naked (or nekkid if you're a true Okie) tits I want bouncing around in his face are MINE!!! Yessiree, by GOLLY! He should understand this after the last time he ended up at a tity bar with fagot-face and came home with glitter all over him. Use our imagination about how the glitter got on him. I don't like fagot-face. He leads my otherwise domestic husband astray. I know it's him, too, because Mike never did that before and fagot-face can never wait to go back and goes with other friends, too. The last time fagot-face invited Mike, he declined saying he didn't have the money for a divorce just now. Smart. Who says men can't learn? I'm sometimes tempted to call up his wife and ask her if she knows where her husband's favorite bars are. But, I'm no home wrecker. He seems to be doing that just fine on his own. Her, too, actually. One time she took out a big loan and used his bass boat as collateral. All without his knowledge. HA! Seems they deserve each other.

I'm going to haul off the trash. Before the pile grows so big it hauls off with me. Or I lose my child in it. Adios!

Posted by methinksgreen at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Monday, May 30, 2005 8:59 AM CDT
Thursday, May 26, 2005

My Diva friend says that my Star Wars meme was the longest she'd ever read. I agree, it is frigin long, but some of them were so dang funny, I could not refuse myself the guilty pleasure of posting something related to Star Wars.

I cannot seem to find anybody that has seen the movie to talk about it with. I am dying to rehash it all with some one. Any one! The movie literally brought me to tears, it moved me so much. It brought Mike to tears, too. He was bored to tears. But, hey, technically, he was still in tears, so does it still count?

When Anikin stands and looks around at what he's done and reflects back at what else he's done, and the tears are streaming down his face, even though it's too late to turn back now (gotta save something for the old Star Wars movies) *gasp* I was bawling! Then when the emperor tells him that he'd killed Padme in his own anger and he's standing there in his freshly made Darth Vader suit and he yells out in his freshly made CNN voice "NOOOOO!!!" I was practically reduced to sobs. Very heart wrenching.

There, I've put in my 2 cents. I feel better now having discussed it with someone.

Posted by methinksgreen at 10:14 PM CDT

A gal from church has been trying to have a baby for around 6 years. Her and her husband have tried all kinds of things from artificial insemination to even having a donor sperm inseminated. She knows the pain of taking her temp every morning before getting out of bed only to start each and every month. They finally decided to adopt. To adopt a very special baby. A baby that no other would want. An 11 year old girl who was the real sister of this lady's adopted sister was raped and was pregnant. This lady and her husband decide to adopt this poor unfortunate baby and this lady's mother decided to adopt the poor unfortunate pregnant 11 year old girl. The baby was born with a host of problems. Birth defects that were minor, and some that were major. She has been in the hospital more than she's been out. I got a call tonight from my pastor, the baby passed away. She was three months old, I think. The funeral is tomorrow.

My heart is breaking for this couple who have wanted nothing more than to be parents. She was able to be a Mama for such a short time. I pray for peace that passes all understanding.

Posted by methinksgreen at 10:03 PM CDT

Just another blah day around here. Time I should have spent doing something around the house was spent lounging around. I took a nap, finished that book, surfed around looking for a particular book that the nice tall at B. Dalton couldn't't find on the computer or in the store. (Yes, I found it in less than a minute, it's called Sophie and Lou, why is it people in book stores cannot ever seem to find books on their computers that I find so quickly on mine?) You see, I realize the fact that I'm lazy. But knowing that does not alter anything. I'm still lazy! Mostly when it comes to housework. I loath housework. If I could get a house keeper, I think I might be set. Someone to dust, wash dishes, do up the laundry (complete with washing, drying, folding and putting away) sweep and mop and vacuum. While they are add it they can do the grocery shopping and cook for us, just like on the Brady Bunch. Heck, we have a spare bedroom!

Mikey made it home and the first question out of his mouth when he walked in the back door was...what's for supper. I've started the grill so I better go check on it and get those spare ribs going if we are going to eat before 9:00 tonight. lol. Alice!? Where are you when I need you? She'd already have supper on the table!

Posted by methinksgreen at 5:12 PM CDT

I don't actually think I'm addicted to Star Wars, but some of those were pretty funny. The one with the last Cheerio and the force being strong with that one...BAH! That's humor, people. :)

I forgot to mention yesterday that I had the oil changed in the car while I was in Miami. The mechanic said there was no sticker to let him know what kind of oil was in it and asked me what kind I wanted him to put in it. What kind of oil? The black, greasy kind? Whatever, I don't know nor do I care. But he wouldn't let me get off that easy and made me choose a kind of oil. He started ticking off brand names and I chose the first one. Yep, Penzoil, that'll work.

I got off work at 11:30 today! There were only 13 kids in the pen, so I volunteered to leave early. I mentioned that Shael was home alone and I'd like to be the one who got sent home and Ginger said "Okay, Bye!" I went ahead and did the 11:00 diaper changes before I left, so Val wouldn't be left with all the diaper changes all day long. But, I guarantee she would have left me with all the diaper changes had she been the one to leave early. I shouldn't speak so ill of her. She's a good girl and I like her.

When I got home, Shael was in her bathroom shaving her legs and I scared her when I walked in the house. She peeked her head around the bathroom door to see who had walked in. When she saw me she made this classic screwed up face and said "What are you doing here?"

Maybe I can get those other loads of laundry done today. I got the dishes done, finally, last night. I had to, before I could cook supper. At 9:00. When it's still daylight so late, it really makes it hard to get motivated to eat earlier.

Shael is watching the Cheetah Girls for like the millionth time and I'm sick of hearing her recite the entire dialog. I'm going to go to my bedroom and read the rest of "When in Rome" the trashy romance novel I've been trying to finish for a couple weeks now. I'm off!

Posted by methinksgreen at 1:22 PM CDT

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